Acoustic ceilings “ACOSORB“

Improve the acoustics of your room with Acosorb acoustic sprays. By treating the ceiling and walls with our acoustic spray, sound is absorbed better, reducing reverberation and directly improving acoustics.

The acoustic spray is applied completely seamlessly. Due to the great diversity of structures, thicknesses and colours, the right mix can be put together for each project in line with the available budget.

  • Acoustic spray is the solution to problems with acoustics.

  • Our specialists will apply the spray plaster seamlessly to your ceiling and/or walls in a single phase.

  • he degree of sound absorption depends on the thickness. For a higher degree of sound absorption, we apply a thicker layer of Acosorb.

Advantages of acoustic spraying

  • Reduces reverberation

  • Light in weight

  • Has a minimum impact on the environment, is circular

  • Can follow any ceiling shape

  • Can be used on any surface

  • Completely seamless, enables unlimited design

  • Is hygroscopic

  • Very stable at high humidity

  • Fully breathable

  • Unlimited service life

  • Very fast application

  • In large quantitie available in any colour

  • Easy to repair locally

  • Easy to care for and maintain

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • Fire-resistant coating

For more details about the product, check manufacturer website.

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